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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  August 11, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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wendy, more rain on the forecast tomorrow, all of that coming up in a little bit. >> thank you, amelia. right now at 5:00, a teenager is fighting for her life. she's the victim of a senseless daytime shooting. good evening i'm wendy. >> i'm pat lawson muse in for jim hanley this evening. we've learned new information about the victim. she's only 17 and she was planning to start college in just a couple of days. >> not hanging out in the street. she's working. she's trying to make something out of herself and now she's laying up in the hospital fighting for her life. >> it's a cut through between new york avenue and rhode island avenue. and this was something of an ambushcc
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and you can imagine how dangerous it is to have gunshots firing across that intersection and now two people are wounded, including that 17-year-old girl who is hanging on for life. >> planned for her future now fight for her life. she drove through gunfire at a busy intersection in northeast and was seriously wounded. the girls neighbors are praying for her recovery and lost of what happened. >> it's a sad thing you can't drive your car down the street and somebody decide they want to show. >> a man who was on the street was also wounded, police have yet to determine who the intended target was. they do not believe it was a 17-year-old. she was due to start school at florida amu in just a few days. >> her daughter was telling me the only thing she was talking b was starting her college career. they've got the whole family hoping for the best. >> victim's mother is a sergeant at the metropolitan police department. w
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they hid amid some trees. they fired a barrage of shots at a group of men standing in front of apartment building. a person was hit there. but the teen's car was crossing the intersection and she was also hit. >> you see a lot of tragedy when you work in this business. and this is one of the most tragic things i think i have seen. >> police have yet to publicly identify either of those who was shot. the neighbor who said she was a toddler since the girl is a hard worker. >> i wake up 6:00 in the morning and her car is not back there in the back because she's at work. >> police arrested a 21-year-old this morning. he's charged with assault with intent to kill and the chief says, others are out there. >> unfortunately we have young men that go out there and they feel like they can resolve disputes with firearm and what we had here is we have an innocent person that was caught up in that. >> police are also looking for at least two other people in connection with this shooting.
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issuing pleas and overtures to the people responsible for this to come forward. also asking for the public's help to make the arrest who need to be made in connection with this shooting. we're live in northeast, back to you. >> chopper 4 video shows the scene of the motorcycle crash. the drivers got out to help the man on the ground. they realized it was one of their town's leader, pleasant police chief devin martin. he's still in the icu this evening. but his support system is wide and it is strong. tracee wilkins is live outside of the hospital. >> there was a great support for him and for also for the town of sea pleasant as they go through this. this is a young man who spent his entire life wanting to become a police officer and is now the top cop of the town he was raised in. right now, friend and family are by his
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officers from other jurisdictions are on the streets of sea pleasant. family friend and fellow officers are gathering around for seat pleasant after he was severely injured in an motorcycle accident. >> he's breathing on his own. he's responding to questions. >> you gene grant, mayor of seat pleasant has known him since he was 11 years old. growing up in the town for which he is now top cop. >> became a part of a couple of youth organizations. in fact, he was one of the first youth as a part of the seat pleasant junior police. >> martin, who was 28-year-olds was the youngest chief of police. after serving as an officer and few municipalities, he returned home where he served as chief in october of 2016. >> because of his love and admiration for policing and wanting to do and give back to the community. i elevated him to the position of chief o
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say martin was on patrol on newly issued motorcycle. last night it happened in seat pleasant. it involved one other vehicle that stayed on the scene, the cause is still under investigation. police chief, who the mayor says has been a mentor to martin since drivers near the crash immediately stopped to help. >> to see our community rushed to help an officer who is down, i mean, we all in the community need to feel good about that. it certainly makes me feel good and i'm always proud of my own personal, but these are the moments that make me the proudest. >> last night martin was in serious condition. we're hearing that his condition is improving, although he is still here at icu. i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. i hope that they are going to fully understand the gravity of what i said and what i said is what i mean. those words are very very easy
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afternoon responding to a question about his locked and loaded tweet, saying military solutions are ready regarding north korea. president going on to say that north korean dictator would truly regret it if he decides to carry out an attack on guam. meantime people on that tiny specific island are going about their daily lives saying there's not much they can do right now. nbc miguel is there. >> locals who live here say they can only sit and wait. >> as a person, you know, who lived on guam lake all your life. you still have to worry about what's happening out there and at the same time go through your daily life. >> we went out 20 miles out at sea to see where the so-called splash zone would be if north korea set those ballistic missiles out to this area. it is quite some ways off of the shoreline. we can tell you, it is still visible out at sea where this incoming threat would be. the governor here is
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calm everyone who lives on the island saying, while they should be concerned, they should also be calm and patient. he said he has patience and trust in the military that they'll do all they can to protect this island, of course, the military makes up roughly 30% of this island easter to's . sitting and waiting to see what our own president does next. back to you. >> miguel. beyond twitter and the war of words. the administration has been quietly engaged in back channel diplomacy for several months now. the associated press reports the u.s. has used the channel to address relations between our countries and americans who are imprisoned there. you can take a closer look at this in our nbc washington app, just search north korea. developing now at 5:00, the marines are grounding every single aircraft in the fleet after those two deadly
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they announced that the aircraft will have to stop flights for 24 hours to get safety training. that training has to be completed in the next two weeks. the military branch has been rocked by two recent tragedies. three marines killed in a crash off the cost of australia last weekend. 15 marines and a navy core man killed in a reck last month in mississippi. a parents' worst nightmare may well be. a family grieving the death of their son from an apparent drug overdose. and adding insult to injury. there's a picture of their son's body posted on a local web forum. only on news 4, julie carey is in springfield with a father's emotional plea to get that picture taken down. julie. >> pat, this is the apartment complex where his body was found three weeks ago and where that disturbing photo was taken. nout
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site where it was published and we're blurring the photo in our story. but tonight that young man's father renewing his plea that the photo be taking down. but the site administrator tells me it's staying up at least for now. >> he liked fishing with his younger brothers and dad, at 25, he's gone. >> it's like a new world. i mean -- it's before colton and after colton. >> reporter: colton's family thinks he died of a drug overdose. what they know for certain, no one with him called for help. his body was dumped in this apartment complex parking lot. that's where someone took a photo and posted it on an online forum for all to see. >> they posted that picture on the web site. and it was extremely hurtful to me and my
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explain how much worse that made things. >> colton's younger brother saddened and angry. >> it makes me mad because just people think, like, they have the right to go out and do that. and it's just wrong. it's just morally wrong. >> to add to the pain, his comments posted about the photo. >> just saying the most horrible things, krcriticizing how he looked, his clothing. you know, just horrible comments. >> colton's family immediately contacted the forum administration begging that the photo be taken down. >> i feel like that, you know, there should be some type of action taken. >> but the site administrator told me phone, he will not remove the photo. he said it's legal and news worthy. >> it can be removed but not until public interest has begun to trickle off. >> the forum
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has to balance the right of privacy against the public's right something. were he to take it down now, something even worse could be posted in its place. back to you. >> all right. julie carey, thank you, julie. a memorial grows for the homeless man who was killed by that 14-year-old who was trying to rob him. and chris gordon talked to friends of that man. they tell news 4 why the victim was so well loved in that neighborhood. flames tear through a condo community. the actions of a quick-thinking contractor that may have saved the lives of an elderly couple. a threat of banishment, as the nfl suspends a star player who was domestic violence case. the
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an alert just in to the live desk for you. this one about drinking water in montgomery county. officials say they're working to address complaints about brown discolored water coming from the taps. they say it is safe to drink. it's changing its color at the live desk. >> thank you, susan. >> two teenage boys, ages 13 and 14 sitting in a detention center this evening accused of killing a homeless man because they wanted a couple of bucks. news 4 chris gordon live at the park where that
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respected man, chris? >> wendy, the man was murdered here and now, as you can see, there is a memorial honoring him because although he was a homeless man who lived here in the woods, as you can see behind me, he had many friends. >> rain has distorted the picture of francisco in the memorial his friends built right next to the spot where he was stabbed to death in july. franky flores says his friend lived here in the woods the past four years. >> he went to my house every day in the morning for breakfast, because he was living there -- in there. >> okay. he showed me where he lived, a tent they called his ranch. he would make a few dollars cutting grass or cleaning parking lots. police have charged
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illios and 13-year-old companion was stabbing him when they tried to rob him. but he wouldn't give him his money. >> let me ask you your reaction to francisco being murdered. >> we was sad. i cried many days because he was. i mean i was -- i was a family. >> he appeared today in court for the first time. >> he will remain held without bond but he will be moved to the juvenile facility. the co-defendant in this case is actually already being held there. >> he lives here in a delphi with his mother, no one answered the door when i stopped by today. neighbors say he is a student at the middle school. >> we are told he walked to school through the woods where mr. was killed. chris gordon, news 4. >> we
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let's go back to the storm center. >> well, pat this just in, severe thunderstorm warning. this is going to go until 6:00 in the evening. you can see this thunderstorm, not only very heavy rain fall. but lots of lightning and potential for damaging winds. i'm going to be tracking this out when it moves into your neighborhood coming up at 5:25. >> thanks, amelia. representatives for dallas cowboys star ezekiel elliott are blasting six-game suspension by the nfl and say they plan to appeal the decision. the running back was suspended for violating the league's personal conduct policy. the letter cites accusations by elliott's exgirlfriend last year. it cited a st. patick's day parade this year where elliott is seen on video appearing to pull a woman's shirt down. the letter called it part of a pattern of poor judgment and behavior and called for elliott to undgo
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possible counseling or treatment. the punishment is part of a policy put in place in 2014 after a high-profile incident with former ravens player, ray rice. it called for a six-game suspension for domestic violence accusations. but bleacher report finds that as of 18 players linked to such allegations, only two have faced. most of the others have had reduced punishments and some appear to have had no suspensions at all. though majority of those players wound up getting cut. >> while the redskins have learned they will be without one of their players for the year, linebacker trent murphy tore the acl in his left knee during last night's loss to the ravens. and he is coming off his best season. last year he was second on the team with nine sacks. murphy was already suspended for the first four games of the year for violating the nfl's policy on performancenh
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cell phone video, which captures flames shooting from two windows on the third story of this condo building. earlier today. man working in the rushed inside to rescue a man and elderly mother. kristin wright has more on how the community is helping the victims of this fire. >> all day long people in the park fairfax community stood outside together, watching the brave work of firefighters, waiting for word on neighbors who escaped the fire, and figuring out what to do now. >> i saw that it was very -- it was very alive. hoping that no one had gotten hurt.
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gotten out. >> a quick thinking contractor also working outside saved the day. he ran in and rescued a man and his elderly mother from the third floor. the assistant fire chief told me that contractor's actions. >> were significant in the absence of him coming out, fires increasing intensity very rapidly. >> people here care. neighbors brought snacks to firefighters, tired after a long day. lori friedman knows she can't go home tonight but she won't be alone. >> the out pouring is really overwhelming me. i have more offers of where to stay during this and people offering to take the cat and dog. so that's a nice thing. >> and so that is the type of neighborhood this is. so what you're looking at now are workers up on the roof of the townhouse trying to shore it up for the night. because, we see the signs have been posted on the doors here. the townhouse has been
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out these people and i want you to know that these contractor who saved the day and rushed in here, he is still in the hospital, as well as the man and woman that he got out of here but we understand that all of them should be all right. wendy. back to you. >> good to know, thank you, kristin. there are some growing concerns about the opioid crisis. still ahead, are the payments that come from the companies to the doctors helping to fuel this problem. and dualing jackpots have lottery tickets going like hot cakes. how much would it take for you to quit your job. a lot of folks are
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y2e2gy y1a2y we have to get through all of this rain, first, amelia. >> tracking really heavy rain out there. so much so we're seeing severe thunderstorm warning. flash flood warning, want to take you showing up on storm team 4 radar. heavy rain, lots of lightning out. this is moving toward marshall. this severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 6:00. also flash flood warning for warren counties. this will go until 11:15. again, we have the severe thunderstorm warning until 6:15 for warren. i want
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now starting to pick up speed. if you've been watching, i've been telling you, it's going to change speed and speeding up and slowing down. that's how you say that. >> i am starting to notice the trend of heavy rain. so something i'm going to continue to track. this is a rar ddar. we're going to track some other rain and then some showers up around the frederick washington area, washington county. you can see some really heavy rain right in parts of washington county. so some showers and thunderstorms to deal with tonight, it's not a wash out. if you're heading out, definitely want to take the umbrella, especially back to the west moving right towards the metro ar
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currently the temperatures are in the 70s. then for the midday afternoon and evening hours, we'll have scattered showers around maybe few rumbles of thunder. it's muggy with high temperature of 85 degrees. want to have the umbrella handy tomorrow or at the beach either. rain in the forecast there tomorrow maybe pockets of heavier rain. the water temperature 77. on sunday, partly sunny at the beaches and around 80 degrees, looking back here at home on sunday. 86, low humidity. mostly and partly cloudy skies. for the work week on monday, there's the chance of a shower around, otherwise mostly cloudy, 82. few scattered
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temperatures. again, i'm tracking it all evening long, wendy and pat. >> thanks, amelia. >> overhead flashes on an area highway are causing a number of you to pump the brakes. should you or shouldn't you be worried if you see one above your car. backlog in the court system and whether it c
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now at 5:30, a dc judge blasting the administration for not getting mentally ill inmates the help they need. that judge saying in open court that the inmates are unlawfully being kept in jail when they should be in the hospital. news 4 mark seagraves was in the courtroom today for the explosive exchange between the judge and lawyers for the city. mark is at the courthouse with a storey you'll see only on news 4. mark. >> yeah, good evening. judge covering her for years. she's a criminal judge here at dc superior court. i have eve never seen her this upset. she said the administration has known about this problem for years and has not done enough to do anything about it. she says the problem is that the city can't keep up with the growing number of
5:31 pm
need both mental evaluation and treatment. judge seen here at public meeting last year with the u.s. attorney for the district told lawyers for the department of behavioral health, the shortage of beds for patients at saint elizabeth's mental hospital is causing unlawful delays and asking for additional team is unlawful request. she told attorneys for the district, as well as doctors from saint elizabeth who are in the courtroom today, each summer we have a backlog, but this summer is the most serious. an attorney for the district's department acknowledged in court they have seen a 60% in increase needing mental health evaluations over the next few years and currently nine inmates are still in jail on a waiting list to get into the hospital. so far this summer, the longest wait has been 24 days. that was unacceptable and when the judge orders an agency to do something, she told the agencies,
5:32 pm
adding it's an interest of human beings who are in jail unlawfully. >> mark what happens next year. what are the options? >> well, so the judge told the city that one of the options that the law provides for is that the city can use a private mental facility, like psychiatric institute of washington to do some of these evaluations. one of the defendants who was in court today who had been waiting on this backlog, that person's lawyer asked the judge, hey, order the city to put my client in a private facility and pick up the tab for it. she said she's doing to consider that. i can also tell you that the deputy mayor and director of these agencies are going to meet on monday. i've heard from the office, they're working to fix this problem. in the district, mark seagraves, news 4. >> i'm susan hogan at the live desk. new information just in to the alert about your drinking water in montgomery county. we told you a few
5:33 pm
that some of you are seeing brown discolored water coming from your tap. we worked to get an explanation and answers. they say it looked strange because of a treatment that they're putting the water through at the patomic water filtration plant. we are told it could be, get this, several weeks before the water gets back to normal. yes you heard me right. wssc is telling us it is safe for you to drink. i'm susan hogan. >> thank you, susan. a group of dc police officers at the center is at the center of a new controversy because of a picture that surfaced on social media showing members of the narcotics and special investigations unit displaying this banner. some civil liberties group say it contains threatening symbols that celebrate a culture of death. dc police tell us they are aware of the photo. it was posted on a member's personal account and there's now an internal investigation. today members of black lives matter and the
5:34 pm
officers who have been seen displaying the logos to be fired. >> they had the white supremacy symbol in it, obviously, this is meant as a form of intimidation for the community. it's meant to establish a reputation amongst this unit. >> this comes just days after a controversy involving another dc police officer who was seen at dc superior court wearing a t-shirt that the civil rights group considers to be racist. that officer was set to testify in court that day. the judge ended up dismissing that case. after the shirt was brought to his attention, that officer is now on desk duty pending an investigation. montgomery county has settled with a family of a man who died after police used stun guns on him. the baltimore sun report, the settlement was made to the family of anthony howard without any admission of liability.
5:35 pm
2013 after they say he was acting erratically and throwing rocks. the sun reports police fired nine times for a total of 37 seconds. that's more than the recommended 15 second limit. howard died shortly after that. transportation reporter adam tuss is working for you. after viewers asked about flashing lights on i-66. adam tells us it's just a test. the lights are part of a system that will collect tolls along the i-66 express lane. they show signs going in ahead of that new traffic pattern. tolls will not be collected, however, until december and until then, the flashing lights are just a test you will not be charged. if you're looking for something to do with the family this weekend, the montgomery county fair is now underway. amy cho is live with more on this summertime tradition, how is it going, amy? >>. >> reporter: we're having a blast out here. i just want to
5:36 pm
my new friend. he is a professional pig race announcer. we're standing in front of the racetrack where all the magic happens. so, tell me, what does a professional pig race announcer do. >> we travel the country with racing pigs. the county fair, state fair, it's all over the united states. >> give me a little statement of your announcing voice, it's pretty incredible. >> that's the speedway. this is all done for fun and we just had fun and racing around the tracks, yeah. >> how did you get into the announcing business. >> you know, my parents showing me -- showing animals at the local county fair. we started this county. >> what does it take to be a successful announcer. >> i know a lot of practice and as many times we do this. we do fairs each week, sometimes three or four times a day. a lot of repetition. >> that practice is paying off. if you want to see more of the pigs and
5:37 pm
and great fun. it will be open for the next nine days, guys, back to you. >> all right. you'll learn something there, amy, thank you. and you expect there to be some germs on an airplane, but that's where they are and they have you thinking twice about flying. >> new concerns about the opioid
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as the opioid epidemic is being called a national emergency. we're getting a look at how much doctors are making from the drug manufacturers. a new study finds one in 12 doctors has accepted payment of some kind related to the marketing of an opioid. that could come in the form of money or meals or gifts and addiction specialist who authored the study said the payments could be leading to increased prescriptions of pain meds. >> we observed that tens of millions of dollars were being given out to physicians, that's a lot of money. i can't imagine that companies will be doing this if they didn't feel that this somehow increased prescribing of the medications of the marketing. >> tonight on nightly news, a look at what doctors are paid the most to promote and what questions you should ask your own doctor about your prescriptions. the next timeou
5:41 pm
somewhere, you may want to pack a small hand sanitizer in your carry on or wear gloves. new study finds germs all over the cabin. schwabs show that air vents actually had more bacteria than the toilet flush button. and experts say you're not any more likely to get sick on a plane, however, than you would in a day care or office. the bottom line is be sure to wash your hand before you put them anywhere near your face. >> if you haven't been on google's home page yet, today. you'll probably want to pull it up on your phone, as you watch. give yourself at least ten minutes. >> on august 11th, 1973, a dj threw a back to school party in the boog gi down bronx that change music as we know it. using two turntables he extended allowing people to dance lo
5:42 pm
birth of hip-hop 44 years ago. giving visitors an interactive turntable with a player you can choose records between them, scratch and even speed up or slow down. so, log on and give it a spin. it will be just over a week until the solar eclipse and up next some things you'll want to do if you plan to capture that special moment with your camera. >> also rats, the news 4 i-team
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that severe thunderstorm warning is now over, but the rain is not. >> yeah still some rain to deal with on your friday night. right now the heaviest rain is in parts of virginia, i've been tracking this since the afternoon hours, you can see out around marshall, still seeing very heavy rain fall. this is moving towards the east at about 25 miles an hour, some showers starting to move into prince william county. i am positive that traveling along this everyoning, a night mire right now. any rain on that road and it really slows it down. up in loudoun county also tracking that way. more on that in a moment. i want to time this out. this storm system moving at about 25 miles an hour, like i said. here are the latest impact times for you, chantilly at about 6:40. mcclain area at 7:00 p.m. and then moving towards the district, still around 7:15. certainly have an impact on the nationals me
5:46 pm
think will be likely not seeing a cancellation, though. gaithersburg, also seeing some showers right along 270 right now. also tracking some light rain up in parts of frederick and washington county. in fact, some heavier rain up in southern washington county. tomorrow a temperature around 85 degrees with few showers at times. i think during the morning hours, most of us are dry. as we head towards the midday afternoon hours, there's really the chance for rain at times at any point. it's not a wash out, but certainly want to have the umbrella heavy. mostly cloudy and humid out there. with more on your hourly planner when the rain starts to move down, tomorrow we'll send it over. >> hey, amelia. yeah, we've got those saturday plans in effect, but mother nature may have some other plans for us, right. showers are going to be moving in. as amelia told you there, we're expecting that shower chance probably to be very intermittent throughout the day. it will pick up, though, as we head through the afternoon and evening. if
5:47 pm
night, evening revlers, just know we'll see shower chances into the evening hours. it will start to let up as we head towards midnight beginning to dry out a bit and we'll start to see things calming down. making way for relatively pleasant sunday. still a lot of cloud coverage. if you're planning on going to brunch. might say it's a gor. >> thanks so much. my mother-in-law coming in to town with my aunt for saturday and sunday. we definitely have all the outdoor plans shifted to sunday. you probably want to start to do the same thing. if birthday parties outdoors on saturday. it's a pool party probably want to move it in doors planning for that right now. take a look at ten-day forecast. 85 for high on saturday. again, some showers at times, intermittent throughout the day. sunday plenty of cloud. low humidity. 86 and over all a really nice da
5:48 pm
80s. again on tuesday, showers and thunderstorms possible at times. wednesday and thursday looking nice. mid to upper 80s, but the humidity level not too bad out there. chance for thunderstorms around on friday. but, again, tonight wendy and pat dealing with some heavy rain right now, mainly in parts of northern virginia. >> thanks, amelia. you may have seen them securying across your streets or across the yards. news 4 i-team found, aside from creeping us out, rodents could have a serious impact, crumbling the sidewalks and damaging the infrastructure. here now with the threat that those rats pose and what you need to know to protect your property. well, wendy, we all know it's no secret, rodents are on the rise here in the dc area. growing population and warm winters are largely to blame for estimated 65% increase and you're about to meet an expert who says these little creatures cause big problems that could cost us all
5:49 pm
>> i'm always reminding myself how the rats are taking apart our city. >> the doctor has spent decades on the hunt. after all he has a doctor. his work even earned him a spot in the pest management hall of fame. >> and unlike the rest of us, he actually wants to find these little devils. >> they're very very disruptive animals. they'll take sidewalks down. they'll damage the streets. >> this will cave in. an expense not lost on the national park service which has about $850 million worth of projects that need funding zp if you have rats that are making it worse, adding, that's something trying to avoid. >> when someone created
5:50 pm
review and it popped up on apple maps, the park service took note, spending about 30 grand to ditch the surrounding hedges, relocate trash cans. >> it's prevention. >> the number of rat borrows dropped by 80%. there's a new contract to treat rat problems on national park plant. in fact, when the news 4 i-team spotted these holes under the already worn sidewalks. we waited till dusk to id the culprits. dc crews showed up the very next day to treat the borrows hidden among shrubs. >> from a budget standpoint, that's far more probable than coming out to repair sidewalk or do major construction. >> it isn't just parks. the lined sidewalks and allies across the district. >> they live down in here. >> dozens and dozens. >>
5:51 pm
even in broad daylight, the tail tell signs. they're analyzing all kind of data, trying to figure out how are we going to model the rat population and how do we intervene. >> he's impressed with the district's efforts to combat the problem. along with food left out for stray animals and bird feeders can attract rodents and spot feeding them chases them from neighborhood to neighborhood. rats require a holistic approach. >> so they don't want to call and say i have a pest issue in my own house. they're embarrassed. >> we reached out to several dc agencies and found while plenty of money is spent on sidewalk and infrastructure repairs, no one tracks what cause
5:52 pm
how much the damage from rats is costing taxpayers. and take a look at this video sent to us from a local animal shelter to show us what they're up against. i'll have that storey tonight on news 4 at 11:00. jody, news 4 i-team. we're just ten days away from that solar eclipse that will be seen from coast to coast. and a lot of you will probably try to capture the special moment, whether you plan to take a photo with a digital camera or adjust your iphone. liz has some tips on how to get the great shot. >> magic of total solar eclipse will be hard to put into words. spencer the ford focuses on capturing an image. instead, now the photographer is preparing for his fifth eclipse on august 21st. >> this will be the most observed total solar eclipse in the history of man kind. >> if you're hoping to get a stellar photo of the big
5:53 pm
is protection for your eyes and your camera. >> this is the solar filter. >> for the best images, likely suggest a dslr camera and a photo lens, that set up can be pricey. we're talking well over a thousand bucks. if you don't have one of these fancy cameras, quick trick with these disposable glasses tape it over your small phone lens. >> the only time it's safe to remove the filter is during totality. >> there are some cell phone apps like solar eclipse timer. it will tell you. >> a tripod is a must to avoid blurry photos. selfie stick can double as a mount if you're using a cell phone. you can use the telescope ips to get close upshots with the phone or point and shoot camera. don't get too caught up in getting that perfect shot. >> if this is your first total solar eclipse, you might miss it
5:54 pm
>> because not all memories can fit in a rectangle. >> it is so so exciting. >> liz, nbc news. >> now, one of our news 4 interns spent hours on the hunt for the special glasses that you need to view the eclipse, you can read it about it on the nbc washington facebook page. and chief meteorologist will be headed south for the big event. doug will be live from clemson, south carolina which is called the path of totality meaning what is one of the best chances to see a full eclipse. >> it is known as progressive college town. this week they're expected to draw thousands on the other side of the spectrum. the latest on the white nationalist
5:55 pm
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barricades are going up tonight in charlottesville, tensions are rising, as well. white supremacist groups are expected to attend tomorrow's free speech rally. henry explains how police are preparing for the possibility of violence. >> we are prepared for multiple possibilities. >> charlottesville police are bracing for up to 6,000 people to flood the city on saturday. thursday afternoon police held a press briefing offering limited details about what's happening behind the scenes, preparing for a controversial unit the right
5:58 pm
>> we had some major decisions recently that changed -- dynamics and the scope. >> from mcintyre park, police say they will have a substantial presence with the the national guard even on standby. >> this certainly will be a challenge and endeavor. we're confident we have the resources necessary. >> no parking signs are already going up around the downtown area, earlier this week, the city granted event organizer permit force rally with one condition, the white activist hold it at the park far from the confederate statute of robert e lee or kessler where he wanted to hold the rally. >> it will be beneficial for us if he moved his event to mcintyre park. so i'm not going to say the city put us in a difficult spot. we are in a difficult spot.
5:59 pm
there's more in the forecast tomorrow. >> meteorologist amelia draper working for you make sure you know what to expect as you make plans for the weekend. amelia, what's up. >> moments ago the national weather service did issue a severe thunderstorm warning mainly in parts of prince william county. the warning here in orange, this is going to go until 7:00 this evening. you can see, this includes parts of 66, a good portion of 66, seeing pretty impressive rain fall right now making it slow go out there. if you know people coming home tonight, definitely going to -- getting home, probably, a little bit later. take a look here at the radar. this is where the severe thunderstorm is. a lot of lightning. very heavy rain fall. this is issued for the potential for hail about a quarter size hail and strong gusty winds. that could bring some trees down. i've been tracking this same storm all afternoon, starting on news 4 at 4. it sped up and kind of slows down and speeds up and now is
6:00 pm
moving towards the east, here is the updated timing. momentarily, moving -- at about 7:25. moving twaurowards mcclain at a 7:50. here in the metro area, what i'm starting to see the trend is for potentially a period of rain, a couple of hours of rain tonight to impact the nationals and wendy, as you mention, more rain tomorrow. more on that coming up in a little bit. >> thanks, amelia. >> only on news 4, a double dose of grief for this family in fairfax county. their teenage son died of an apparent drug overdose and adding salt to that wound, a picture of his lifeless body turned up online. >> and then on top of that horrible thing are the people that were making comments about the picture. >> the person who runs that site is refusing to take the picture down. >> northern virginia bureau chief,


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